World Of Beauty & Spa 2010 Podzim O2 arena

O2 arena - PRAGUE 9
18 - 19 Feb 2011

Organizer: BEAUTY EXPO s.r.o.



FRIDAY 18. 2. 2011
10.00 - Launch of the Czech and International Championship in nail art
10.15 – Artists for the Labyrinth (Association for the Physically Disabled)
10.30 - Vladimír Mazal: Indian Ayurvedic snehana massages  
11.00 - Fire, water, wind – hairdressing show SOUK Karlín
11.30 - Pavel Bauer and guests: Pavel Bauer – New trends Estée Lauder, Clinique & Matrix
12.00 - Pavel Bauer: "
High Definition make up" for HD systems (special make-up for high definition, in which several TV stations broadcast)
Male fashion show
Paula Bruna (designer Pavel Křivánek – Champion Collection)
12.20 - Manicure Competition Cup - launch (Specialist leadership from the Alessandro firm)
12.30 - Bernard Cassiére: Tribal Body treatment using wooden sticks inspired by indigenous tribes presented by a Bernard Cassiére cosmetician
13.10 - Ilona Pavlatová – Spring make-up using cosmetics by Karaja and Tana
13.30 – The Union of Beauticians: Olga Knoblochová and Anna Menzelová – training cosmeticians
13.45 - Jan Cigánik, Jan Hlaváček, Martin Loužecký, Blanka Hašková, Ondra Veselý: “INSPIRATION 2012” - show and announcement of the theme
14.15 - Pavel Bauer: CREATIVE IMAGE TEAM (sponsor: Estée Lauder, Clinique and more)
15.45 - "Decadent  Beauty" – fashion show by Petr Kalouda on motives of the semi-final competition theme 16.00 - CREATIVE IMAGE TEAM - announcement of the winners
- Fitka studia: massages using a GUERGI candle
16.45 - – Announcement of the competition Masseur of the Year  
17.00 - The Czech National Championship in MANICURES - announcement of the winners
17.10 - The Czech and International Championship in NAIL ART – announcement of the winners

SATURDAY 19. 2. 2011
10.10 - Artists for the Labyrinth (Association for the Physically Disabled)
10.20 - Junior fair cup in HAIR STYLE CREATION
10.45 - Vladimír Mazal: Indian Ayurvedic Snehana massages
11.15 - Alexandra Fričová: SEXY LASHES: how to achieve and have the most beautiful lashes
Invitation to the 1st ever competition in lengthening and thickening of eye lashes with SEXY LASHES
11.30 - Presentation of Junior Hairstyles

11.40 - Junior fair Cup in MAKE-UP
11.45 - Štěpánka Podroužková – Transformations for Meredith (launch)
12.00 - Sothys: New trend in  SOTHYS Paris for spring/ summer 2011 presented by company cosmetician Iveta Kopřivová.
12.30 - PhDr. Eva Kolthofová: GERMSTONE – crystal therapy using precious stones
12.50 - Presentation of junior make-up

13.00 - www.ceskemodelky.czFashion show from the web portal České modelky
13.30 - Company presentation HAMBERGER s.r.o. and their products
14.00 - Štěpánka Podroužková: Fotomakeup - Pin-up girl

14.50 - Announcement of the results for the junior fair cup

15.15 - FOTOMAKEUP - announcement of the winners
15:25 – Introducing the Czech Wellness Association– objectives and activities of the CWA, programme for the next season, CWA membership – board membership to CWA
15.45 - Redakce 40+ Moje generace: What makes Czech and Slovak spas unique?
16.00 - Vladimír Mazal: Indian Ayurvedic Snehana massages
16.30 - Transformation – presentation of models


Lounge: Friday 18.2. 2011. Training in podiatry – DERMATOLOGY IN PODIATRY.
The CPS stand: both days examining the soles of feet on a PC podo-scanner with the option of making individual health insoles into shoes and consultation in the field of foot care Treating CPS president Jaroslav Fešar, DiP.


FRIDAY 18. 2. 2011
Vacuum massage
Reflexology of the foot
Indian massage
Hawaiian massage
Hot Stones (lava stones)
12.15 - RNDr Hana Bendová PhD,The State Health Institute, Prague: Tanning aids, new requirements
12.40 – Company presentation HAMBERGER s.r.o. and their products
13.00 - RNDr Vladimír Špelina, State Health Institute, Prague: Cosmetic aids and risks of microbial
13.30 - RNDr Soběslav Fiker CSc., The Cosmetics Association CR: Are chemicals destroying cosmetics? 
Product information on packaging– the responsibility of the consumer
14.00 - DERMOPARTY- organised by the Union of Beauticians, the largest association in its field within the Czech Republic
14.00 - Prim. MUDr. Monika Golková
(Head Physician at the A2C private clinic, President of the Association of Anti Age Medicine CR and SR): The art of ageing in the 21st century
14.20 - Dr. et Mgr. Petr Svoboda (Centre for Aesthetic Dermatology SynCare Brno): Derma Rolle mesotherapy in medical and cosmetic practices– common threads and differences
14.50 - RNDr. Zdeněk Somr (Vice President of the Economic Chamber CR): Qualification tests in the field of cosmetics in accordance with legislation nr. 179/2006 dig.
15.15 - MUDr. Monika Kavková (MYCLINIC Prague): Liquid facelift
15.45 – Association of Specialists in Regeneration - Mgr. Jiřina Kubcová, Erika Havlasová:  SM system – long-term method to eliminate back, spinal deformities and overexertion of large joints.
16.10 – Basking in the sauna, as a prominent form of prevention at any age, introducing the Czech Wellness Association– P. Hofrichter – CWA board member

SATURDAY 19. 2. 2011
The Czech Association of Aroma-therapists: aroma-therapy, relaxation, wellness
10.30 – Introduction to aromatherapy, the effect of essential oils, application methods
11.00 – Holistic aromatherapy massage– comprises work with muscle groups but also energy in meridian lines and acupressure points. Deeply relaxing and regenerative.
11.30 - Aromatherapy in cosmetics – unique Bio-phase method using enzymatic regeneration for a natural treatment of skin and associated defects
12.00 - Lava stone massages  - the warmth of real lava stones influences the energetic lines in the body through vibrations, impacting positively on the mind and releasing stiff muscles
12.30 - Hawaiian Massage – emerging from light and flowing techniques originating from the Islands of Hawaii
13.00 - Wisdom of the Orient in cosmetic care – “Harmony“- shiatsu massage for cosmeticians, use of meridian lines, acupressure points and aromatherapy for a healthy and beautiful complexion
13.30 - “Champi“– Indian head massage using aromatherapy to treat headaches, stress, insomnia
14.00 - PhDr. Eva Kolthofová: GERMSTONE – Crystal Therapy using precious stones
14.20 - Bernard Cassiére: Tribal Body treatment using wooden sticks inspired by indigenous tribes presented by a Bernard Cassiére cosmetician.
14.40 - fitness where men may not go or setting up business on your own Beauty and fitness go together. Presentation of  CWA - Jan Bejdák – vice president of the Czech Wellness Association
15.00 - Hanna Maria: The psychology of scent, subconscious work with essential oils. Conjuring with energy using oils.
16:00 - General prevention, wellness and its prime mission in the field of prevention,  Anti- age program – programme for the new age - Dr. J.Hejma –President of the Czech Wellness Association


o2arena- PRAGUE 9
18 - 19Feb2011